Best selling POS receipt printers lead the industry in easy-to-use features, fast printing speeds and superior reliability.

Customizable POS system that can meet the unique needs of your business.  Digital Dining office functions for Backoffice reporting, staff management, and accounting integration.  Front of house office POS and Table Management/Reservations.

Customed designed gift cards.

POS mobility allows servers to enter orders directly at the table; improving efficiency and reducing errors.  At the end of the meal swipe the card at the table and email the receipt to the customer.

Since 2001, Touch Dynamic had been a nationally recognized, leading US-based designer and manufacturer of touch systems and PC's.

Retail industry's leading manufacturer of durable, dependable cash drawers.

QSR Automations has been helping thousands of restaurants of all sizes and concepts around the world for well  over decade to effectively enhance productivity and profit while providing unsurpassed personalized care for every guest.


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Highly secure network access for small business.

Affordable solutions for daily sales, e-commerce, EMV, and NFC transactions.

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